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Door near Brick Lane, Shoreditch, East London. Ilford XP2.


Jubilee Flagpole

This giant flagpole was originally erected at the 1951 Festival of Britain by the Forest Industry of British Columbia and re-erected  in 1977 by the government of British Columbia “to mark the silver jubilee of her majesty the Queen Elizabeth II”.

Fujifilm Superia 400.


Red Suit

Two men and one dog walking in the City of London. Fuji Superia 400.


Sacred Home

Homeless person sleeping rough close to an office building and an open grave in Reading.

Nikon F75, Fujifilm Superia 400.


Reading Kebab

Fast food leftovers on a street in Reading in the morning sun.

Nikon F100, Fuji Superia 400.


Elite Cafe

Whitecross Street, London.

Olympus Mju II,  Fuji Superia 800.


We’re out! The journey begins here.

“We’re Out!” was the Daily Mail’s headline in bold letters on the day after the Brexit referendum. The “We’re Out!” project is my photographic journey through a changing Britain. An empty pathway in a London suburb on Christmas eve, this is where it began, where I had the idea to document Brexit Britain from the perspective of a European living in the UK. For the next two years, I’ll travel Britain and share stories and photos, taken on film, digital camera and phone.