A stranger hugging a father who is searching for his missing daughter.

A stranger hugging a father who is searching for his missing daughter.
A stranger hugging a father who is searching for his missing daughter.

On this afternoon on the day after the fire I spoke to many people: Friends of Grenfell Tower residents, neighbours, community members, volunteers, firefighters, police officers.

I heard many terrifying and shocking stories about loss and narrow escape, met neighbours in shock of what happened and community members angry that a disaster like this was possible in 2017 Britain. But I saw the kindness of helpers and volunteers as well and I tried to capture this in some of my pictures.

This image symbolises the Grenfell disaster like no other for me: the uncertainty and sorrow of the Grenfell tower families but as well the kindness and compassion of strangers.

A personal note: For many days I considered whether I should publish the image. This is a picture showing the reality on this evening after the fire, not hiding and not adding anything. This father went public, shared his story and engaged with journalists, and therefore I decided to share this powerful image with you.


We’re Out! – Your Story

For my “We’re Out!”-Projekt, a photographic journey through a changing Britain, I am looking for Brexit voters and Remainers, for people who plan to leave the UK or will stay here, Europeans, Brits, everyone who is open to share their story and is available for a portrait and contextual photo shoot.

I am not a journalist, I won’t publish what you haven’t agreed to, I am interested to document change that affects you and all of us. The photos and stories may form a book at some point and a collection of prints to show.

I’d as well love to document European or British daily life and community in the UK. Happy to travel. Please get in contact or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.


No Ball Games

Residential street in Barnet, North London. Fuji Superia 400.


Red Suit

Two men and one dog walking in the City of London. Fuji Superia 400.


Sacred Home

Homeless person sleeping rough close to an office building and an open grave in Reading.

Nikon F75, Fujifilm Superia 400.


Reading Kebab

Fast food leftovers on a street in Reading in the morning sun.

Nikon F100, Fuji Superia 400.



Cleaner removing graffiti from a wall on Brick Lane, Shoreditch.

Nikon F75, Ilford XP2.