Yawning man and tree

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park.


We’re Out! – Your Story

For my “We’re Out!”-Projekt, a photographic journey through a changing Britain, I am looking for Brexit voters and Remainers, for people who plan to leave the UK or will stay here, Europeans, Brits, everyone who is open to share their story and is available for a portrait and contextual photo shoot.

I am not a journalist, I won’t publish what you haven’t agreed to, I am interested to document change that affects you and all of us. The photos and stories may form a book at some point and a collection of prints to show.

I’d as well love to document European or British daily life and community in the UK. Happy to travel. Please get in contact or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.



Cleaner removing graffiti from a wall on Brick Lane, Shoreditch.

Nikon F75, Ilford XP2.


Odd couple

Improvised mannequins in front of a tailoring and dry cleaning shop at Whitecross Street.

Ilford XP2.