Brexit Interview 1: 17. June 2017

A snippet from an interview I did a few days ago as part of my “We’re Out!” project with friends who are leaving the UK after a long time here. The audio recording was meant to help me with the write up only, but I found it so interesting that I’ll share some of it.


# 1 Day Without Us

Today, the House of Commons voted against amendments of the Brexit Bill proposed  by the House of Lords to guarantee the rights of European citizens in the UK and to give parliament a “meaningful” vote on the final Brexit deal.  The Prime Minister is now expected to trigger Article 50 in the last week of March.



I met Shaun (right) and his friend walking on the Thames towpath near Teddington Lock. Shaun is a history teacher who is currently out of job. To stay fit, he walks all the way from Kew Bridge to Hampton Court Palace, 11 miles, every single day. I walked with him for a couple of miles, we talked about politics, the river and people he met on his walks.




We’re out! The journey begins here.

“We’re Out!” was the Daily Mail’s headline in bold letters on the day after the Brexit referendum. The “We’re Out!” project is my photographic journey through a changing Britain. An empty pathway in a London suburb on Christmas eve, this is where it began, where I had the idea to document Brexit Britain from the perspective of a European living in the UK. For the next two years, I’ll travel Britain and share stories and photos, taken on film, digital camera and phone.